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Here the sheep of Alfie Purl Yarns and Textiles answer your problems.

  • We Don't Need No Education - Or Perhaps We Do

    We Don't Need No Education - Or Perhaps We Do

    Sam the Lincoln Longwool answers a question from a reader about lamb education!Read More

    11/07/2016 Home, Ask the Flock 0 1093
  • To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

    To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

    The Flock has selected LILY to answer this question. Lily is the current flock matriarch, so nothing much happens on the farm that she isn’t in charge of.Read More

    08/06/2015 Home, Ask the Flock 0 782
  • First Impressions

    First Impressions

    Dear Flock, I’m starting a new job soon. Can you give me any tips on how to make a good impression? Yours professionally, Great Employee. The Flock has selected H to answer this question. H is one...Read More

    22/05/2015 Home, Ask the Flock 0 669
  • Achieving Great Things, Sheep-Style

    Achieving Great Things, Sheep-Style

    Dear Flock, I am about to start a big scary new project and I’m feeling a bit anxious about it. Any tips on how I can give myself a kick up the bum and drum up some self-confidence? Most of you...Read More

    24/02/2015 Home, Ask the Flock 0 807
  • New Year, New You

    New Year, New You

    Dear Flock, In common with so many other humans, I have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and improve my fitness. Do you have any advice for me? Sign me, Body BeautifulRead More

    11/01/2015 Ask the Flock 0 785
  • The Meaning of Life

    The Meaning of Life

    Dear Flock, What do you think is the meaning of life? Yours philosophically, Gail from WisconsinRead More

    18/12/2014 Ask the Flock 0 622
  • Unwelcome Housemates

    Unwelcome Housemates

    Dear Flock, Once, Alfie was kind enough to answer a question of mine, and I found his advice very helpful. Now, I have another question which I hope you will be able to answer! I am a Very Old...Read More

    04/12/2014 Ask the Flock 0 623
  • No-So-Silent Nights

    No-So-Silent Nights

    Dear Flock, I have a problem with my neighbours. I live in a house with a shared wall, and the neighbours who live on the other side of it are very loud and inconsiderate. They make a lot of...Read More

    24/11/2014 Ask the Flock 0 713
  • Mind Games

    Mind Games

    Dear Flock, I have a chess tournament coming up and I want to psych out my opponents. How can I perfect the kind of steady implacable gaze that some of you do so well? Also, are there strategy...Read More

    10/11/2014 Ask the Flock 0 630
  • To Pastures New

    To Pastures New

    Dear Flock, I have a problem. I am moving house soon, and I have found the most perfect place for me to live. I desperately want this house. I have been dreaming that I am living there, I know...Read More

    29/10/2014 Ask the Flock 0 596
  • The Grass Really Is Greener

    The Grass Really Is Greener

    Dear Alfie, My cows are causing me a problem at the moment, and I don’t know what to do. They are constantly escaping from their field and going into the field next door, which is a problem...Read More

    04/07/2012 Ask the Flock 0 599
  • There's no place like home

    There's no place like home

    Dear Alfie,I have recently moved back to my hometown after living abroad for many years. It has been a big transition and I am trying to figure out what to do with my life now that I’ve made this...Read More

    22/05/2012 Ask the Flock 0 607
  • Older and Wiser

    Older and Wiser

    Dear Alfie, I’d like to know how old sheep get, and are they wiser when they get older? Do you count as old and wise? Jo, StratfordRead More

    09/05/2012 Ask the Flock 0 597
  • Wolf! Wolf!

    Wolf! Wolf!

    Dear Alfie, I am going on a woodland walk with a pack of grey wolves, and I am wondering whether you have any tips for me on how to avoid being eaten by them? JennieRead More

    24/04/2012 Ask the Flock 0 622
  • Gardening Advice

    Gardening Advice

    Alfie, I need some help. Can you tell me what plants I should grow in a north-facing garden in Newcastle Upon Tyne? BrendanRead More

    11/04/2012 Ask the Flock 0 597
  • Spring Forward

    Spring Forward

    Dear Alfie I’m writing to you because I’m very worried. I think there’s something wrong with my humans. Normally they are very good at doing all the routine jobs at the same time each day. But...Read More

    28/03/2012 Ask the Flock 0 634
  • A Question of Healthy Eating

    A Question of Healthy Eating

    Dear Alfie, Please help me! My five year old son won’t eat his vegetables; in fact he doesn’t really like eating anything apart from pasta and sweets. How can I persuade him to eat his greens?...Read More

    21/03/2012 Ask the Flock 0 600

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