A New Home For The Flock

A New Home For The Flock

It was a momentous day for all of us on Saturday, as we moved to a new farm.  The flock’s home for the last eight years, Vowley Farm, is on the market, and with the sale nearly finalised, all the livestock is being dispersed.  Those of you who have followed us for a while will know that the farm belongs to our friends Mark and Lorraine Stanton, who have farmed there for 14 years now.  They feel that they are ready for another phase of their lives to begin, and so the farm’s been for sale over the summer.  There’s been a lot to do.  The entire place is being stripped of equipment and machinery.  The cows and the pigs all found new homes.  The chickens are going in small batches.  Our sheep were the final livestock there, and their departure felt like time had been called on farming at Vowley.

Fortunately, the flock have not gone far.  Our neighbour at one of the farms down the lane happened to have a handsome field which he was happy to rent out to us, and so the sheep packed up their belongings and all went over to their new home.  Here are some photos of the day.

The flock followed Foz down the track for the last time, Christopher at the front.  They are heading towards the barns, ready to be loaded into the trailer.

In the yard, the sheep get their reward for having followed so well.  They are extremely good at following a bucket now.

At the other end of their journey, the sheep pile out of the trailer and straight into the long grass.  Eyes down for a full stomach!

There’s a hold-up in the loading of the final group of sheep, as big Dash wedges himself across the trailer and demands ALL the food in the bucket.  But we eventually get them loaded.


Posted on 05/11/2014 by Emma Home, From The Studio 0 729

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