Shearing Day 2015

Shearing day has been and gone, and to be honest, I am very relieved that it’s all over. It is a hectic day, a day when we find out whether our care of the sheep over the last 12 months has been good enough for them to produce excellent fleeces, and a day when I have to entrust the sheep to people they’re not used to. That is particularly stressful.

Fortunately, we are extremely lucky to have Tony and Kim as our shearers. Hailing from Australia, they are fantastically skilled, and the sheep trust them implicitly. By the time they arrive, the sheep are fed up with having thick, heavy fleeces on, and the older ones are fully aware of what’s going to happen. Having been through several shearings in their lives, the senior ewes obviously feel quite secure about the process. This year, my English Mule Norah muscled her way to the front of the queue, and managed to be first out. Tony normally shears her (he does all the tricky ones) because she is generally more nervous, but she was putty in his hands.

Everyone else went through with only a couple of minor nicks, but with beautiful smooth trims. I am sorting the fleeces this week, and have noticed that they are of a great quality, easily as good as any we have produced before. The sheep should be proud of themselves!

Posted on 05/06/2015 by Emma Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 745

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