Open Farm Sunday 2012

Open Farm Sunday 2012

Once a year, in early June, farms all over the country open their doors to visitors as part of the Open Farm Sunday scheme. At Vowley Farm, we are no exception.  Now, I love open days.  I absolutely adore getting to meet people, talking to them, and of course being stroked by all our visitors.  We’ve had dreadful weather recently, but today the sun shone, and the visitors came out to see us.

I met some of the visitors

As you can see, I made myself comfortable to receive my visitors!

The humans set up the stall

My humans, who (as you probably know) are very fond of crafts, set up a stand so that they could do some hand spinning and weaving demonstrations for our visitors.

Dyed Cotswold fleece

Cotswold fleece is very beautiful in its natural white state, but my humans do some clever things with dyes.  Here’s some fleece which my human dyed especially for the open day, so she could handspin it.

Zack is tired

Zack, the young Lincoln Longwool, came to the open day with me.  He’s only a year old, and although he thoroughly enjoyed himself, he got a bit tired towards the end of the day.  Here he’s having a rest.

Visitors enjoying the sunshine

Our visitors enjoyed the sunshine, the excellent food, and the beautiful countryside of the farm.

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