First Impressions

First Impressions

Dear Flock

I’m starting a new job soon. Can you give me any tips on how to make a good impression?

Yours professionally
Great Employee

The Flock has selected H to answer this question. H is one of the Official Greeters of the flock, and has a very winning personality!

Dear GE

First of all, you need to know that if you have been chosen for a job, then the people who have chosen you think that you can do it! You also need to know that the humans with whom you’re working know that you are new, and will make some allowances if you don’t know where the water trough is, or what time everyone chews the cud in your new office. It is OK not to know these things!

Think carefully about what you wear on your first day. It should be clean and smart, and preferably made out of wool. Make sure you are nicely trimmed and your feet have been looked after. In my experience, people do tend to notice that your hooves are a little overgrown or your forelock has a burr in it, even if you think it’s not that obvious.

Now, when you arrive at your new job, you need to know that with the arrival of a new person on the scene, there will be a change which comes over the entire place. It may just be in the little group you’ll be joining, or it may be in the whole office. It’s always that way when a new sheep comes to join our flock. We wonder who this new sheep is, what they will be like to live with, how they will help the flock or hinder it. It will probably be obvious where you are supposed to be in the hierarchy of the human flock, but it’s one thing being brought in to do a job, and quite another to prove to the others that you can do it. You want to fit in, but you don’t want everyone to think that you are a pushover – otherwise you will get shoved out at the feed buckets, and you will be stuck out in the hot sun when everyone else is in the shade. So listen carefully when you are introduced to your new work-mates, and try to remember names – your colleagues will appreciate that. But stay neutral if they start talking to you about bad things other colleagues have done. Sometimes people will try to get you into their gang early on, and that’s never a good idea.

Make sure that you understand what your boss is asking you to do. It won’t go well if you pretend that you get it, but don’t really. We had a bad situation recently where we didn’t really understand where our humans wanted us to go, and we ended up running through a small gap in a fence and escaping. If we had just stopped, our humans would have shown us what to do. When you do understand, do your best and work hard. You can SHOW your new colleagues that you are a good employee in this way.

I know from what my humans say that you can spend a very big chunk of your life at work, and it can be the source of much satisfaction for you humans – not to mention money, which our humans are forever complaining about. I am sure you’ll end up fitting in very well! Good luck!

Yours ever

Disclaimer: The sheep will select an email from their inbox to answer. (You can send them a message via our Contact page.) They cannot enter into personal correspondence, and can’t guarantee to answer everyone’s queries. The flock answers your questions to the best of their ability. However, you should note that they are sheep, and therefore we recommend you seek a second opinion from a member of your own species.

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