Lambs galore!

Lambs galore!

Well, what a rollercoaster of a fortnight it’s been.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted here with updates of the new lambs, but things have been rather hectic of late!  In south-west England, we have had a terrific amount of rain, which has made shepherding very hard for our humans, and hasn’t made life easy for us sheep either.  We all hate the rain, even though we know the grass needs it in order to grow.  The humans were out checking on us very frequently, and it was a good thing too, as little tiny new-born lambs do get into trouble very fast – and in the rain, trouble usually means hypothermia.  Fortunately, not a single lamb was lost due to the weather this year, which has been fantastic.  The humans have had to help with delivering lambs, rescue lambs out of puddles, and generally work very hard to look after everyone.  But now the weather is slightly better (I’m sure I saw some sun the other day, even though it chucked it down with rain last night) and we can all concentrate on getting out there and eating the nice new grass.

Want to see some photos of lambs?  Course you do!!

Tansy's lamb is searching for her dinner!

Tansy’s lamb was the first to arrive, at teatime on the 24th April.  She’s a thumper of a lamb!

Mr Big and his brother

Mr Big, on the other hand, is not a thumper of a lamb.  He is in fact the smallest live lamb we have ever seen, but he’s feisty with it.  He’s the one on the right here, with his brother next to him.  The coats they are wearing help to protect them from the rain.

Mr Big has his bottle

Mr Big is too little to suckle from his mum, so he’s having a bottle to top him up whilst he gets the hang of things.

Mab and Oberon

Mab and Oberon are Magda’s twins, and they are very much alike.  The humans have to spray marks on the lambs so they know whose are whose!

A whole gaggle of lambs get some attention!

As you’ve probably noticed, we are a very friendly flock of sheep, and the lambs start this tradition early.  This way, the humans can get lambs used to all the things they’ll have to do as adult sheep, like having their legs handled and their feet inspected.  Plus the humans get the pleasure of close contact with the lambs, who are delightful!

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