Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

We are all waiting – waiting in the rain, actually, given what the weather is like here in South-West England at the moment.  There are no lambs yet, and the orphan lambs have been giving the humans some concern due to their over-eating and greed. They’re now on less rich grazing, and I am in with the ewes now, rather than sharing a tiny paddock with the orphans, so I’m happy.  The ewes are looking hugely pregnant now, and are waddling around the field being rather uncomfortable.  It is, however, most peaceful at the moment.  The humans are definitely coming through with the resources for us.  We have several shelters, the sort which are really made for pigs but which are just the right size for several sheep, and are comfortably bedded with straw and provided with nice hay, which stays dry despite the torrential rain.  There is hay outside for those who like it wet, and the grass is growing very well.  We have feed several times a day (albeit in rather small quantities, but that’s what pregnant ewes need, and whilst I am in with them, I get it too!) and with it, lots of attention.  The humans are staying at the farm now, rather than at their house a few miles away, and this means that we see them several times a night, with their overalls over their pyjamas, looking a bit bleary-eyed and apprehensive.  It’s sweet, really, how much they worry about us.

Be assured, I’ll keep you posted the moment anything happens – and the humans will take photos for you to see.  Meanwhile, all I can do is to chew the cud and wait…

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