Countdown to lambing

Countdown to lambing

The ewes in our flock will be lambing soon, and the humans are excited and a bit worried.  We sheep, however, are not concerned.  The ewes are in excellent condition, and are feeling extremely well, so we are all quietly confident that all will be well.  Besides, it’s an advantage for the humans to be so worried about us – it means that they give us very prompt attention, which is all to the good.  I thought that it would be worthwhile introducing you to some of the ewes before the event, since you’re bound to be bombarded with pictures of very cute lambs once it all kicks off!

Magda, the oldest ewe, with Foz

Magda is the oldest of us.  Way back in 2004, our humans decided to buy six Cotswold ewe lambs, and Magda was one of them.  She’s actually the only one of the original flock left now.  She is very experienced in looking after everyone, not just lambs, and is very friendly to the humans as well, as you can see from the photo.  (In case you’re wondering what Foz, our human, is holding, it’s an empty hay-net!  In the snow, the humans drag hay out for us to eat.)  Several of the ewes in our flock at the moment are Magda’s daughters – Lulu, Tansy, Ruby and Niamh.

Arwen, my sister

A bit of a blurry picture, but this is my sister Arwen, wondering what the camera is.  We have the same dad.  She’s the same age as me, and is the niece of Magda (her mum and Magda were half-sisters).  It’s very complicated!  Arwen is the most efficient grazer we have, and therefore is always much fatter than everyone else.  The humans despair of keeping her weight down.


Norah is not a Cotswold at all; she’s a Suffolk, one of two who live with us.  She originally came from a commercial shepherd who had his sheep on the farm one winter.  Norah decided that our little flock was much better looked after than hers (we got lots of lovely sheep feed and attention, whereas her flock only got grass) and so she and her lamb decided to join us.  She doesn’t really like humans very much, but in the four years that she’s been with us, she’s become a bit more friendly and now allows herself to be stroked, but only when she’s eating.

And this is what we are all waiting for...

LAMBS!  These two are my nephews Caleb and Jack, before they had even got up for the first time.  Hopefully we will have some lambs which are just as good this year.  I’ll be keeping you posted.

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