New Lambs

New Lambs

The humans like lambs – well, who doesn’t?  We all like them.  Our flock is still waiting for our own lambs to arrive (first ones due on 24th April or thereabouts!) but the humans decided they couldn’t wait that long, so they have got some lovely orphan lambs, who all arrived on Friday.  Orphan lambs aren’t real orphans, but usually they are triplets or quads which their mum can’t look after.  There are 12 of them altogether.  I’m in the field with them at the moment, looking after them and teaching them how to be sheep, which is actually rather hard considering that they run around a lot and have the attention span of gnats.

The orphan lambs have arrived

The lambs have got a nice little paddock within a paddock.  They are still drinking milk, which is in that bucket you can see in the photo, but they have now trashed the teats on that (it’s a bit flimsy) so the humans have rigged up something a bit more lamb-proof.

Kitten Lamb gets her dinner

One of the lambs, Kitten, is very small and had not got the hang of suckling yet.  At her previous home, she was having to be stomach tubed a lot, which is necessary but nobody likes (this is where the human pushes a flexible tube down into the lamb’s stomach and feeds it that way.  For lambs which take a long time to learn how to suck, it can be the only way to save their lives.)  Fortunately, Kitten has sort of worked it out now.  Here, she’s objecting to being fed, but my human is persevering.  Kitten likes the milk to be very warm, and she also likes to only have a little bit at a time.  Despite her size, she is very feisty, and bosses the larger lambs around terribly.

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