Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Dear Alfie,

I’m writing to you because I’m very worried. I think there’s something wrong with my humans. Normally they are very good at doing all the routine jobs at the same time each day. But suddenly they have started to do everything an hour earlier than they would normally do! It has quite upset me. I don’t know exactly when my breakfast will be (although it’s nice to have it early, of course) and my dinner is early too, which means that my tummy is rumbling late at night. I’ve tried telling them that they aren’t on time, but they won’t listen. They point to those funny little machines they wear on their wrists and laugh. Alfie, help me! What should I do?

Brandy Dog

Dear Brandy,

Don’t worry. It’s not just your humans which do this strange thing. Mine do it as well. I used to think that perhaps they were so excited at the coming of Spring (and let’s face it, who isn’t? All that lovely fresh spring grass…) that they had to get up and be busy, but then I noticed something strange. In the autumn, have you noticed that they do the opposite? Suddenly they’re an hour late for everything. That’s always a bit more obvious, because it makes our food late – not so acceptable a state of affairs as an early dinner would be. I think that, for some reason known only to themselves, they lose an hour at the start of spring, and don’t notice that it has gone until the autumn. They really aren’t very bright, because this time loss happens at the same time every year and they still don’t anticipate it or do anything to stop it happening. But that’s humans for you.

My advice to you, Brandy, would be to enjoy the early breakfasts, and perhaps stockpile some food so that when you’re hungry after dinner you still have something to eat. You will soon get used to the new routine. Then, in the autumn, when they are unaccountably late for everything, give them hell. That’s what I do.


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