To Pastures New

To Pastures New

Dear Flock,

I have a problem. I am moving house soon, and I have found the most perfect place for me to live. I desperately want this house. I have been dreaming that I am living there, I know where all my furniture will go, I am so in love with the place! But it looks as if I won’t be able to buy it after all. What do you do when you want something so badly that you can’t sleep at night, and then it looks as if you won’t be able to have it after all?

Longing For A Home

Arwen is one of the few sheep in the flock who has had to move farms, so the flock has nominated her as spokes-sheep for this question.

Dear Longing

A home is a thing that we can all relate to. Sheep have a very strong attachment to their homes, and they can pass that knowledge down to their lambs and their lambs’ lambs, through the generations. Having said that, right here we can see the difference between a hunting animal and a grazing animal. It’s all about FOCUS. Grazing animals know that there is an abundance of wonderful things out there, and that you just have to wander around finding them. We sheep eat grass, and there is ALWAYS good grass somewhere, you just have to stroll around until you find it. If we can’t reach a tasty bit of grass, we might try for a while, then we will give up and go elsewhere, knowing that there will be more good stuff round the corner. Hunting animals (like the farm cats), on the other hand, have to have focus on the things that they want. They have to see their prey, to only concentrate on that, and to think of nothing else. It’s bound to be a disappointment to them if they can’t catch the thing they want, because for that period of time there was nothing else in the world for them, just their objective. And if they catch that prey, then they are HAPPY. And if they don’t, then they are very sad indeed. Until the next prey comes along.

So, Longing, perhaps you should think of houses more as blades of grass and less as mice. You could look at other houses, which might be just as nice, but might be owned by humans who would be happy to sell them to you. You might even find that there is an even more perfect house out there for you, and you would never have found it if you had just focussed on the first house. Soon, you will find another house, and you will fall in love with it. And it will be beautiful and you will be happy there.


Posted on 29/10/2014 by Arwen Ask the Flock 0 595

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