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  • Lambs are on their way!

    Lambs are on their way!

    With three to four weeks to go before lambing we see what is happening.Read More

    25/03/2016 Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 1215
  • Latest in a Long Line

    Latest in a Long Line

    Emma: Well friends, I’m afraid that the optimism in Alfie’s post of earlier today was a bit premature. Oberon, the little lamb with a very high temperature and rattly chest, is improving greatly,...Read More

    15/05/2012 Home, From The Studio 0 716
  • Poorly Lambs

    Poorly Lambs

    There’s a saying which the humans often quote. I think it’s a little bit mean, but it does seem to be accurate. It goes: “Question: How do you know when a Cotswold sheep is dead? Answer: It’s...Read More

    15/05/2012 Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 661
  • Lambs galore!

    Lambs galore!

    Well, what a rollercoaster of a fortnight it’s been. I’m sorry I haven’t posted here with updates of the new lambs, but things have been rather hectic of late! In south-west England, we have had...Read More

    08/05/2012 Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 605
  • New Lambs

    New Lambs

    The humans like lambs – well, who doesn’t? We all like them. Our flock is still waiting for our own lambs to arrive (first ones due on 24th April or thereabouts!) but the humans decided they...Read More

    04/04/2012 Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 694
  • Lamb Riot!

    Lamb Riot!

    Here’s a video clip of the lambs charging around their paddock. They stayed in their pen for a few days so that they knew where they lived and where the milk was, then the humans decided to let...Read More

    04/04/2012 Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 712

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