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  • Speaking the Language

    Speaking the Language

    Hello humans! It’s ME!! CHRISTOPHER!!! And in addition to my duties as Flock Spokes-sheep on Facebook, I am now allowed to talk to you all on our very own website!! Facebook friends will know who I...Read More

    13/09/2015 Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 1107
  • Shearing Day 2015

    Shearing day has been and gone, and to be honest, I am very relieved that it’s all over. It is a hectic day, a day when we find out whether our care of the sheep over the last 12 months has been...Read More

    05/06/2015 Home, Sheep's Eye View 0 768
  • A New Home For The Flock

    A New Home For The Flock

    It was a momentous day for all of us on Saturday, as we moved to a new farm. The flock’s home for the last eight years, Vowley Farm, is on the market, and with the sale nearly finalised, all the...Read More

    05/11/2014 Home, From The Studio 0 728
  • Learning Lambing

    Learning Lambing

    Emma: Alfie doesn’t have a great deal to do with the arrival of the lambs, although of course he’s brilliant with them when they are here. Ushering them into the world, ensuring that they and...Read More

    19/03/2013 Home, From The Studio 0 739
  • Latest in a Long Line

    Latest in a Long Line

    Emma: Well friends, I’m afraid that the optimism in Alfie’s post of earlier today was a bit premature. Oberon, the little lamb with a very high temperature and rattly chest, is improving greatly,...Read More

    15/05/2012 Home, From The Studio 0 716

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