Who was Alfie Purl?

Born in March 2006, Alfie Purl was a pedigree Cotswold, but he was also a lamb with problems.  Orphaned at a week old, he spent the first months of his life living in our friends’ flat, sitting on their laps and having his weak, wonky legs massaged!

He came to us at four months old, and we knew he was special right away. He was an amazingly strong personality, with his own way of doing things and his own opinions.

In October 2010, he uncharacteristically butted Emma, and set in motion a chain of events which led to her being diagnosed with breast cancer.  The local paper having featured him, his story went viral!  He became world famous, and his Facebook page, started by Emma as something to do whilst she was having chemotherapy, became enormously popular.

He died in July 2013, and although he is hugely missed still, he inspired his humans to start their business, which is named after him.

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